Lethal HC4 Goose Call

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    HC4 Goose Call

    Posted by Lee on Aug 19th 2019

    The HC4 Goose Call is a short reed with the reed a little closer to your mouth than what I’m used to. I’ve ran a Zink NOS for few years and got it figured out, so I’ll get this one figured out as well. Still a good sounding call. It’s not the most expensive or prettiest call Ducklander offers but it’s still a good lucking and good sounding call. It’s easy to use.

    I used to be one of those guys that thought cheaper was always as good as the more expensive, but as my 17 year old daughter pointed out, she hit very few homeruns with a cheap Walmart bat but she now hits 15-20 a year with her $350 Easton and Demarini bats. The last 2-3 seasons I’ve listened to some buddies of mine run more expensive calls and most of them just sounded better. Part of that being I’m not the best caller by any means, but I can get the job done if I’m by myself or with somebody else who can’t call or doesn’t have calls. The other part was being cheap. I’ve always been afraid of spending a bunch of money on calls and then not liking them. A buddy of mine I hunted with had DLC calls last season and they sounded fantastic and when I tried one of them I absolutely liked it. Yes they cost a little more than your run of the mill calls you can get at Academy or BassPro, but they’re worth every penny.

    I absolutely recommend DuckLander Calls. I have every intention of buying more of their calls (those Checkered Calls look awesome).