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Duck Lander Call Co.

Established by Bobby Hayes in 2004, Duck Lander Calls has become one of the premiere duck and goose call makers in the Midwest. Located in Wellsville, KS and in the thick of the Central Flyway, Duck Lander Call Co. was born out of a love for waterfowl heritage and now builds some of the most state of the art duck and goose calls on the market. Duck Lander Calls prides itself on producing calls that hunt and can be passed down from generation to generation.

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Duck Lander Call Co. Core Beliefs

Why we exist and how we operate each and every day



Promote the tradition of waterfowl hunting



Help waterfowlers be the best callers they can be



Build the highest quality duck can goose calls possible

When you really break it down what is a duck or goose call?

Duck and goose calls are as much science as they are an art form... too much of one or the other and you end up with a call that looks good and sounds like crap or a call that sounds good but doesn't appeal to the eye of the waterfowler.

At Duck Lander Calls we have set out to always build a call that looks as good as it sounds. Sure, you can set it on the shelf and look at it, but what's even more fun is grabbing that call and going to the field with it and watching the birds respond to it.

That's what we live for, to place you in the best position to make incredible memories with those you hunt beside. A duck or goose call plays a vital role to any hunt, some days more important than others and we want you to know that when you grab our call on your lanyard and press your lips to it and fire off a few notes through it that it's going to sound how it should and respond precisely as it should.

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