We hold every call we turn to unreal standards. This means we have some of the closest tolerances in the industry. What does that do for you? It ensures our calls are consistent in sound, shape, and feel. In other words, we build reliability and performance. This translates into better hunting and more finished birds – in essence, a high-quality call helps you create a high-quality hunt.


Call Features:

These are not just for looks; we don’t play the frills game.


Checkered inserts and Grip Orbs:
Better grip and hand placement allow you to call more consistently, especially when your calls are covered in sweat, mud, and blood.


Quad air grooves:
Those four grooves in the tone board prevent your reed from sticking. No one hates a sticking duck call more than us. The grooves allow the air to get under the reed and provide some lift. This means that whenever you grab your call,

you know it's going to work.


USA-made acrylic:
The only place in the world that makes authentic acrylic rod is the USA; everything else is a poor substitute. We don't substitute or settle. We certainly are not using inferior material from China.


Full Lineup of Calls:
We know everyone is not built the same, and everyone's hunting is unique. That is why we offer six models of duck calls, a whistle, and five models of goose calls. To call your best, you need to find what fits you.


Tone Board Design:
Our tone boards are just that – our tone boards. We created the math that makes the sound. No one understands tone board math like we do.


Solid Call Colors:
Earth-toned call colors in solids because we believe in tradition and know that at some point, you have to give up the shiny, childish things in search of better performance.


Laser-Cut Reed System:
Our laser-cut reed kits allow anyone to custom-tune their call as well as if you were at our shop having us do it. Duck Lander Reed Kits take all the guesswork and cutting away from tuning.




We know that one of the best ways to improve a waterfowlers ability to call their best is to make sure their call is tuned to fit them. We also know not everyone has the ability to trim reeds and tune a call. This is where our laser cut reed system comes into play. Our laser cut reed system eliminates the need to ever cut or trim a reed to tune your call. We cut our reeds with a super high precision laser in different lengths. This means all you have to do to tune your call is pick the reed style and length that fits you best. To make this even easier our reeds come in a reusable reed tin. Each reed is engraved with the size, style and reed orientation. This means you never have to find the curve of the reed. We have done that for you. Reeds tuned engraving up add rasp, reeds tuned engraving down add more hold and whine. Then to ensure your reed is always centered on the tone board we have a tuning tang on the back of each reed that fits into the tone channel on the duck call. This also keeps the reed in place while inserting our custom mixed wedges. If you want to make the most of your season let us help you be the best caller you can be with a call tuned exactly for you.

We offer five different cuts of reeds with up to eight reed lengths. All of our duck calls utilize our laser cut reed system.

No one despises a sticking duck call more than we do. That is why we design all Duck Lander calls to run all day, every day, especially when you need your call to work the most. This is where our Quad Air groove system comes in. The four grooves on the toneboard allow air to flow under the call's reed and lift it off the toneboard. This prevents reed sticking and allows you to call your best, hunt your best, and have the best season ever, especially when paired with our laser-cut reed kits. The larger numbered reed you can run, the more the reed can take advantage of our Quad Air groove system.

As waterfowlers, we're cut from the same gritty cloth. So, it's our mission to stand shoulder to shoulder with you - our fellow hunter, our followers, our brethren. We step forward, far from the empty dribble of algorithmic feeds and childish click-based validation. We're here for you, for the real stuff, for the raw, gritty beauty of waterfowling.


In our hands, we bring you the know-how of calling and hunting, the rich, deep-rooted traditions that give waterfowling its authentic soul. These aren't just skills; they're a heritage, a way of life that we hold dear, a legacy worth passing on to the next generations.


The Tribe experience is not just a group or a service; it's a path. It's an invitation to a journey of learning, sharing, and rising to your highest potential as a waterfowler. Every day, every hunt, every call is a chance to better your craft, to make your mark. So, gear up and step into this journey with us, and become the best waterfowler you can be. Let's do this together.