1. Promote the tradition of waterfowl hunting.

    2. Help waterfowlers be the best callers they can be.

    3. Build the highest quality duck and goose calls possible

They are the driving force behind how we do business. They are what our brand lives and die by. If we dig deep into those three statements above they are just not how we run our call company, they are also how we want to represent ourselves in the outdoor community. We want our brand to represent the history of our sport while at the same time promoting waterfowl hunting in the best possible way. We also know calling is such an important part of what makes waterfowling so special. The act of calling ducks and geese allows waterfowlers to interact with the birds we hunt. If we can help you do that better by learning how to call better or by providing you the highest quality calls possible with unlimited tuning possibilities. That is what we are here for. We want you to have your best season ever and we want to be a part of it. We want to add as much good in the waterfowl community as we can.


Traditions - What do they mean to us? A hell of a lot, in fact. We think of them as the symbolic thread that connects all waterfowlers of the past to the present and the future. They hold within them the legacy of the market hunters who once fed our thriving nation and the sportsmen who proudly stepped forward to protect the waterfowl when they were most in need. All of us are part of the most impressive conservation effort, perhaps the most substantial one that has ever taken place. It's our shared love for waterfowl hunting and conservation that binds us together. Every one of us, from the past, present, and future, is intertwined in this way of life we call waterfowl hunting.

As we carry out our part in this tradition, we are adding to the rich history of the sport, enhancing and extending the legacy. In essence, each of us is creating the traditions of tomorrow. We're both recipients and creators, passing the baton from one generation to the next, ensuring that the culture of our sport continues to live. I hope that when our time has passed, the history books show that we did our part for the sport, the waterfowl, and for the hunters that will chase the waterfowl after us

As waterfowlers, we're cut from the same gritty cloth. So, it's our mission to stand shoulder to shoulder with you - our fellow hunter, our followers, our brethren. We step forward, far from the empty dribble of algorithmic feeds and childish click-based validation. We're here for you, for the real stuff, for the raw, gritty beauty of waterfowling.


In our hands, we bring you the know-how of calling and hunting, the rich, deep-rooted traditions that give waterfowling its authentic soul. These aren't just skills; they're a heritage, a way of life that we hold dear, a legacy worth passing on to the next generations.


The Tribe experience is not just a group or a service; it's a path. It's an invitation to a journey of learning, sharing, and rising to your highest potential as a waterfowler. Every day, every hunt, every call is a chance to better your craft, to make your mark. So, gear up and step into this journey with us, and become the best waterfowler you can be. Let's do this together.


This has been our goal from day one and remains our goal today. Over the last nineteen years, we have learned a great deal about building calls. Call making is both an art and a science, and the craft lies in combining those two elements in a way that maximizes their best qualities.


Here's why our calls are so good:


No substitutes allowed, we only use premium materials. Our acrylic is the real deal, USA-made in Iowa.


The best woods make the best calls. We source our woods from only the best suppliers.


We own our sound, in other words, our tone boards and goose guts are exclusively ours.


We use real Dupont Mylar for reeds; no cheap substitutes are allowed.


We are exceptionally demanding when it comes to tolerances, enabling us to use our laser-cut reed system. This also ensures that our calls produce a consistent sound.


We do not compromise on any part of our calls, as we are perfectionists.